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    Zscaler: USPS Web Site Infected by Exploit

    Researchers at Zscaler discovered Wednesday that malefactors using the infamous Black Hole Exploit Kit had managed to compromise one of the USPS's April 7, 2011

    FireEye:Spammers sought after botnet takedown The Rustock botnet, which sent up to 30 billion spam messages per day, might have been run by two or three people.

    Ironport: E-Mail Security Solutions Embed RSA Data Loss Prevention Technology

    Unitrends:Recovering Data in a Tenth of the time as its Leading Competitors

    Riverbed:Using the Cloud to Solve Problems
  • About our Solutions

    WAN Optimization
    Since their WAN is fundamental to so much of our customer's business, WAN optimization can deliver massive improvements to a wide range of their top IT initiative.
    Cloud Services
    Riverbed accelerates the movement of files, data, servers, and machines to public and private clouds and frees up the bandwidth needed to support branch offices and data centers.
    Consolidation & Virutalization
    As IT budgets shrink, companies turn to virutalization to cut costs. Riverbed can help your business with various virualization projects, including consolidation, disaster recovery, and desktop virualization.
    Application Performance & Collaboration
    Many enterprises believe WAN optimization simply reduces bandwidth utilization. But optimizing the network in this way - via compression, QoS, or TCP optimization - is only one part of the solution needed to truly improve application performance across the network and increase employee collaboration.

    Zscaler Cloud Security
    Zscaler for Enterprise
    Zscaler is solving some of the most complex security problems facing large enterprises. Companies can now secure their remote offices with no on-site hardware, view corporate internet activity across the globe through a single reporting portal, and apply corporate policy to every employee, regardless of whether they are accessing the internet from headquarters, a coffee shop or a foreign country.
    Zscaler for SMB
    The intuitive and simplified managment interface available within the Zscaler service makes it the natural choice for Small and Medium Businesses who typically do not have access to IT security professionals. With no hardware or software to deploy business owners can easily secure their employees against email and web threats, ensure that productivity is maintained, and guarantee that important data like credit cards is not leaked over the Web.

    ArcMail is a leading provider of simple, secure and cost-effective email archiving and management solutions. Honored with the Network Products Guide Product Innovation Award, ArcMail was founded to help companies and public sector organizations implement effective email archiving programs, boost email server performance and stisfy regulatroy requirements. With Rrapid growth of email usage, the Shreveport, LA-based company addresses a need for simple, secure email archiving that is affordable.

    about EPC USA

    EPC has successfully been in business for over 10 years working with our customers to implement top tier products that provide instant relief for their largest headaches. We do this by being experts in the solutions that we represent through the proof of concepts, then fully supporting the product after the project is completed.

    EPC Offer

    See for yourself how useful and effective the EPC Solutions are. Free evaluation is available for qualified prospects. Request a risk-free evaluation Free Evaluation
  • Our Promise

    EPC will include at no charge service time by a certified expert for installation, and training on the latest version of software and will continue to follow up as new versions of code are released throughout the year.

    Proof of Concepts

    A certified engineer from EPC will assist in all aspects of the PoC. We offer 30 day trials on our solutions, and provide an Executive Report at the end of each evaluation to show the benefits to your organization.

  • Solutions

    WAN Optimization Cloud Security Email / Web Security Data Backup and Recovery Email Archiving Network Visibility Email Encryption

    products list

    Bluecoat Packetshaper
    Cisco Ironport

    new technologies

    Breaking the Modern Malware Infection Lifecycle The FireEye Malware Protection System accurately blocks Modern Malware, such as Trojans, bots, crimeware, and advanced persistent threats, in real-time using advanced multi-phase analysis engine to capture and confirm zero-day malware and targeted attacks.

    Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offers Better Security at Lower TCO In a SaaS model, IT administrators define policies and simply forward corporate internet traffic to the cloud service. It allows or blocks the traffic and can be used for all users, including road warriors and mobile phone users.

    Cult of TCO: Total Cost of Ownership Unitrends focus is Integrated, Simple, and Elegant appliances that are designed from the ground up integrating monitoring and management software, the backup and recovery software, the replication software, the operating system, the server, the storage, and the networking together into a single appliance.

  • Why partner with EPC?

    We provide a knowledgeable staff to handle the evaluation of your product, from initiating the interest to closing the deal and ongoing support after the purchase. EPC provides our customers with installation, training, and support after the sale, at no extra charge. By doing this we ensure your product is shown in the best light at all times never competing with EPC internal products or service offerings.

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    EPC USA Inc. 6463 South Prescott Street Littleton, Co 80120
    Telephone: +1 303 703 3609
    E-mail: info@epcusa.net

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    Contego Solutions was formed in 2001 to address the security concerns of small and medium sized businesses. Contego's founders realized that the focus of today's managed security providers is all on large corporations and the service provider market. Contego implements technology that is more pertinent to company's with less than five hundred employees and with a pricing structure to match. The epiphany behind Contego's managed products was that we could offer 95% of the big corporation functionality at 50% of the cost thus making it attractive to small businesses.

    In a SaaS model, IT administrators define policies and simply forward corporate internet traffic to the cloud service. It allows or blocks the traffic and can be used for all users, including road warriors and mobile phone users. There is no capital expenditure as investments are not required for either hardware or software. SaaS frees precious IT resources from performing operational security chores of managing and patching boxes, and updating data feeds and signatures. It enables IT to focus on strategic security such as policy and architecture.

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